Full Xbox One X “Feel True Power” TV Commercial Finally Released in English; Shows Games and More – DualShockers

Earlier today, Microsoft itself leaked the Japanese version of the full “Feel True Power” Xbox One X TV commercial, but as the time for the official release came, so did the final English ad.

The commercial, which will air on TV stations worldwide, gives a look on some games that will support the upcoming console, including Assassin’s Creed OriginsForza Motorsport 7MinecraftMiddle-earth: Shadow of WarHalo Wars 2CupheadPlayerunknown’s BattlegroundMadden NFL 18FIFA 18, and more.

Interestingly, we also see snippets of movies and sport. This is a commercial clearly devised for a wider audience than core gamers, so it makes sense that Microsoft also decided to advertise other entertainment features.

The whole commercial is definitely much faster paced and interesting than the teasers revealed over the past three days. You can check out the first, the second, the third, and the fourth.

If you want to hear more info on the upcoming console, you can watch our interviews with Product Manager Ryan Moore and Samsung National Training Manager Scott Cohen (talking about the partnership between Microsoft and the TV manufacturer). You can also take a good look at our recent hands-on time with Xbox One X, and read our full interview with Aaron Greenberg.

The Xbox One X will be released on store shelves worldwide on November 7th, 2017.

Microsoft Explains Why Halo: Master Chief Collection Struggled – GameSpot

Halo: The Master Chief Collection had a very rocky launch in November 2014. An ambitious game that packages together four Halo games and their multiplayer modes, the game struggled mightily out of the gate, with matchmaking times proving extremely lengthy and in some cases not working at all. Microsoft was quick to address the issues and the experience has improved dramatically. Still, Microsoft sees the issues as a “black eye” for the franchise. Last week, developer 343 announced yet another way it’s making it up to fans and sticking with the game. The Master Chief Collection will receive significant updates and improvements over the next year or longer, including an Xbox One X update and a wider update that will “help bring it forward and modernize many of the game’s systems to take advantage of Xbox platform advancements since its original launch.” It’s nice to see Microsoft’s commitment to the game, but why did things go so badly at the start? Halo franchise director Frank O’Connor recently addressed that in a lengthy and thorough blog post on Halo Waypoint (via Polygon).

Starting off by saying he’s no engineer and is making no excuses for what happened, O’Connor said, “in terms of chicken/egg scenarios, fixing the existing ‘vanilla’ Xbox One MCC was the Chicken that laid the Xbox One X enhanced version egg.” O’Connor suggested that it wasn’t always Microsoft’s plan to revisit The Master Chief Collection, but there have been a “series of changes to the Xbox architecture,” including the OS and back-end networking systems, that have “cracked open an opportunity we’ve wanted to seize for many, many months now.”

No Caption Provided

O’Connor said the launch of The Master Chief Collection was “one of my lowest ebbs, professionally.” He added: “Every angry mail I received, I took to heart. I felt like I had personally let our fans down. I have not spent a single day since the night the game fell down in matchmaking where I didn’t think about it.”

O’Connor added that one piece of resounding feedback was, “How could you not know that matchmaking was going to break?” The director explained that Microsoft tested the game’s matchmaking systems “incorrectly and with some (as we discovered later) faulty assumptions.” He added that the testing processes for the game differed from the norm because the games in the package were already tested for balance. Additionally, O’Connor acknowledged that 343 “we made mistakes in some of the scenarios we asked for.”

“We had, with the best intentions, created a massive and ambitious project that almost read like a Halo fan’s wishlist. As a player, I was incredibly excited. And as an employee, I was proud of the work and effort the team had poured into making this thing so big,” O’Connor said.

He added that The Master Chief Collection began as an idea to make Halo 2 HD, and leave it at that, but the idea came later to expand the scope to include the entire Master Chief saga in one package. “And so the project ballooned in scope and scale and ambition. We threw a ton of resources behind it internally and worked with some trusted partners,” O’Connor said.

But at launch, the game’s matchmaking systems struggled significantly. O’Connor acknowledged that its own multiplayer testing sessions “never got to the kind of scale” that could reflect a live environment.

“So we genuinely didn’t know until the day it released, how bad the matchmaking in particular was going to get,” he said. “I’m not going to ignore the other bugs, they were real, and important, but the way the UI and matchmaking protocols interacted with each other exacerbated many of the smaller items and amplified a couple of them in unpredictable ways.

“The short version was that for Xbox One we built some of the underlying systems to work on a brand-new platform, which was fundamentally, quite different to both the original consoles the games were designed for. We also had some very new (and frankly these have evolved since then and are now much better) online systems on a new console and made some educated, but (with hindsight) ultimately faulty, assumptions we made during development and testing.”

He also offered up an easy-to-understand metaphor for why the matchmaking struggled.

“Each potential player was assigned a kind of ‘ticket’ which would then grant them entry into a match or session–picture a virtual waiting room at a train station–when the train arrives (a match)–everyone has to board–or the train can’t leave,” he said. “Issues arose when folks left sessions before games had started that would cause the initial ticket distributions to fail, and that sometimes meant very long wait times for matches as tickets were issued and reissued–especially in countries with lower populations.”

O’Connor added that Microsoft made assumptions about how things would work. This was a mistake, and he said Microsoft wants to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

“Frankly, we don’t assume anything anymore. While we had some valid reasons to believe the game would function properly in the retail environment, we’ve shifted our development philosophy to basically assume nothing anymore,” he said.

Part of this effort going forward is the previously discussed “flighting” program, which is 343’s way of enlisting the community to help test updates in a live environment before they are rolled out to everyone. In addition to this, 343’s own testing will get “much more rigid.”

O’Connor added that he wants people to know how committed 343 has been and continues to be in the area of listening to and responding to feedback.

“Everyone here puts their heart and soul and sweat and tears into building our games,” he said. “I can tell you without hesitation that I have never heard someone here dismiss or ignore or belittle complaints. We always take them to heart. It’s the internet of course, so sometimes folks take it too far, with threats or other inappropriate reactions, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t understand the anger or disappointment those came from.”

You can read O’Connor’s full blog post here. If it doesn’t answer all of your questions, O’Connor said he plans to write another post in 2018 that will cover an “even more detailed technical breakdown” of what happened, why, and how 343 addressed it. “That’s what we owe you–that and a game we can both finally be satisfied with,” he said.

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Xbox One X Japanese TV commercial leaks ahead of reveal [Updated] – Windows Central

The Xbox One X is almost here and Microsoft has promised a new TV commercial on Sunday evening.

It looks like Xbox International Trailers on YouTube has accidentally leaked the Japanese Xbox One X commercial ahead of time. Seems that someone didn’t get the memo! The trailer showcases numerous Xbox One X games such as Assassin’s Creed Origins, Forza Motorsport 7, Halo Wars 2, and Middle-earth: Shadow of War, just to name a few. Translating the text, the video talks about the console’s features, including 4K gaming and other enhanced entertainment experiences.

Updated October 22, 2016: It appears that Microsoft has removed the trailer, ahead of the official scheduled debut. We’ll be sure to update this post with new links in the meantime, until the official video is available once again.

With the new Xbox One X, you can enjoy a better gaming experience no matter if you’re playing first-party or third-party titles. The console boasts 40% higher performance than other consoles on the market and from what we’ve seen, the results show. Just look at the recent Middle-earth: Shadow of War comparison between Microsoft’s upcoming console and the PlayStation 4 Pro for an example.

The Xbox One X launches on November 7, 2017, featuring 6 TFLOPS of processing power and 12 GB of GDDR5 RAM. In addition to that, the Xbox One X also contains a 4K Blu-ray player and a faster hard drive. For those looking to make the most of their gaming experience—no matter if it’s the desire for higher resolutions or more stable frame rates—the console is shaping up to be the device for you.

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Games With Gold novembro de 2017: Microsoft tem bônus para Xbox – Optclean – A Tecnologia a Seu Alcance (Blogue)

A lista de jogos grátis para o mês de novembro de 2017 de Games With Gold para os assinantes provavelmente ainda vai demorar a ser liberada pela Microsoft.

Enquanto isso não acontece, temos uma boa notícia para os usuários de Xbox One: a Microsoft está oferecendo um novo bônus para os seus usuários.

Dica para detectar e bloquear mineração de Bitcoin no seu PC

Games With Gold novembro de 2017: Microsoft tem bônus para Xbox

Normalmente, a Microsoft libera a sua lista de jogos grátis antes da Sony, mas no mês de outubro isso não aconteceu, e ambas empresas liberaram as listas oficiais bem próximas uma da outra, e até o momento não temos nenhum vazamento confirmado. Enquanto a lista não sai, confira os jogos grátis Games With Gold de outubro de 2017.

Os assinantes terão o primeiro mês em que os títulos de Xbox One X serão compatíveis com todos os jogos do Xbox One, e além disso os assinantes poderão experimentar um novo título antes do seu lançamento.

Os membros de Xbox Live Gold, poderão se juntar ao Beta fechado de Hands of the Gods, que é um jogo de cartas de estratégia com deuses mitológicos, criaturas poderosas e magia.

“Você vai comandar um líder, como Zeus ou Odin, construir um exército de deuses icônicos, e então travar guerra em partidas competitivas multiplayer.

“Enquanto você joga cartas, assista enquanto a ação se desenrola. Deuses, monstros e feitiços são trazidos à vida no campo de batalha!

E além disso, os títulos logo abaixo ainda estão disponíveis aos assinantes:

  • Gone Home: Console Edition: de 1 a 31 de outubro no Xbox One
  • The Turing Test: de 16 de outubro a 15 de novembro no Xbox One
  • Medal of Honor: Airborne: de 16 a 31 de outubro no Xbox One e Xbox 360

Gostou do conteúdo? Você já deu uma conferida nos preços da Amazon nos destaques em Xbox One? Confira diretamente no site da Amazon e aproveite as vendas em marketplace da plataforma.

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西武の赤電時代 – 鉄道ファン


NEKO MOOK 2621.RM MODELS ARCHIVE.かつて,西武鉄道の車両は,外部塗色をトニーベージュとラスベリーレッドのツートンとした車両,いわゆる赤電のグループが大部分を占めていた時期がありました.赤電にはさまざまな形式があり,本書では,これらについて,貴重な写真に詳しい解説を付すかたちで紹介されており,そのほかに,荷物電車,さらに,20m,3扉車の系譜として101系,301系,3000系の紹介も加わっています.巻末には,車歴表が付いています.本書は,西武鉄道の車両を研究する向きや鉄道模型の車両で再現する向きにとって,必携の資料となりましょう.

発行 ネコ・パブリッシング
仕様 B5判 114ページ
定価 本体1800円+税
発売日 2017年8月 3日


Halo 6: The KILLER FEATURE fans want for the Xbox One’s next big shooter – Daily Star

Halo 6: The KILLER FEATURE fans want for the Xbox One's next big shooterMICROSOFT

Halo 6: The KILLER FEATURE fans want for the Xbox One’s next big shooter

Halo 6 will be the third mainline Halo game from 343 Industries – the developer that took over from original series developer Bungie (who has since gone on to design the critically acclaimed and commercially successful Destiny games).

Fans have been pretty vocal about what they expect from Halo 6 when it launches (which, if current trends continue, may not be until 2019).

Halo 5 was received well, but there were certainly some issues with the game that players reported when they finally got their hands on it in 2015.

First of all, the game scrapped a feature that many believed to be vital to the game’s DNA – co-operative split-screen.

The mode had been part of Halo since the series began back on the original Xbox, and removing it from Halo 5 caused a lot of people to lose faith in 343 as a developer. 

Luckily, shortly after release, head of 343 Industries Bonnie Ross stepped in to assure players that the series would always feature the title going forward.

Players also bemoaned the lack of LAN support.

Whilst the company has promised to fix that oversight in the next game, 343 also came out with a surprise announcement this week, too: that’s a feature that’s being added to Halo 5 this autumn.

“This fall, run your own Halo 5 dedicated local server on your Win10 PC for in-person events – from epic tournaments to basement brawls,” states a tweet published by the official Halo Twitter account.

Since 343 is listening to players and feeding back to them at this stage – ahead of even Halo 6’s announcement – it can be inferred that the company is looking to listen to fans, and really make Halo 6 a game to live up to its series’ name.

It’s been almost two years since Halo 5 launched, and the 2015 title left fans with a lot of questions about the future of Microsoft’s flagship franchise.

Since Halo 5’s launch, we’ve heard precious little about the future of the franchise proper – granted, we saw the release of Halo Wars 2 earlier this year, but as far as the ‘main’ game series goes, Microsoft and developer 343 Industries has remained quite tight-lipped.

So what is the status of Halo 6? The next proper game in the series is most certainly in the works, but not an awful lot is known about the game.

Thanks to the intrepid work of NeoGAF user dancrane212, we can see that the length of time between Halo 5’s launch and the lack of a Halo 6 announcement is now the longest such gap in Halo history.

Announcements have traditionally occurred within one and a half years of the previous game’s launch – and with Halo 5 we’re approaching the two-year mark since release.

But that isn’t to say the game isn’t in development – developers have stated multiple times that something’s happening with the series, it’s just that we don’t formally have a title or release date for the game just yet.

First up, after Halo 5 released, there was some controversy about the decision to remove split-screen co-operative from the game – meaning players had to own multiple copies of the game on multiple consoles if they wanted to play the campaign together.

Bonnie Ross – head of 343 Industries – officially stated after the controversy that every single Halo game ‘going forward’ would feature split-screen.

Surely that’s a suggestion a new Halo game was already in the works?

Ross noted that there would be LAN support in the ‘next FPS Halo’ shortly afterwards – a term chosen to not explicitly refer to Halo Wars 2 (which was due to release at the time of the statement).

Again, this confirms another FPS Halo is in development.

343 Indsutries’ Frank O’Connor stepped in next to explain that the studio had learned from Halo 5 that Master Chief was they key to the series and the story.

O’Connor stated, “Doubling down on Master Chief story and the amount of focus on him was probably the easiest learning from Halo 5″ – a clear indication that the next game’s story is in development.

O’Connor later goes on to explain the future of the multiplayer facet of the game has also been shaped by Halo 5’s reception: “Halo 5’s core MP is a thing that would be refined and tuned in the future, not rebooted, reinvented or reset.That doesn’t preclude any number of improvements, additions or completely new modes and methods of play, but the team does recognize the core strengths, advantages and extensibility of the current MP tune. ”

Finally, a Microsoft recruiter posted an ad for graphics engineers that claimed the next Halo game ‘will be the biggest yet’ and that ‘the new game is going to be ridiculous’ (likely thanks to the power of the Xbox One X which is also mentioned in the posting).

All of this paints a picture of a game that is coming through the development process healthily, that is slowly but surely being pieced together as the Xbox One X approaches its launch date.

We’re still no closer to knowing when Halo 6 is going to launch, but we do know that it’s going to be a big game that’s learned from the series so far – and that should be enough to get you excited.

新たなベストマッチ3種に驚きのナイトローグが完全収録!食玩「創動 仮面ライダービルド BUILD2」をレビュー! – ニコニコニュース


大ヒット食玩「装動」を受け継ぎ、『仮面ライダービルド』のキャラクターを続々立体化するシリーズ「創動 仮面ライダービルド BUILD」。スピーディな展開が楽しい『ビルド』の物語に合わせて登場してくるライダーたちを、そのスピードに負けじと「創動」も続々立体化しています。



忍者! コミック! というこれまたかなりカッコいいものを集めたフォームです。忍者のパールがかった紫も、コミックのド黄色も発色が良く艶やかな仕上がり。4コマ忍法刀も大サイズ!
ホークガトリングが“飛ぶ”ポーズならこちらは“跳ぶ”ポーズが似合います。躍動感あるポーズのためにもスタンドは必須! 忍法刀の逆手持ちももちろん可能です。
4コマ忍法刀とコミックボディの図案も見事にシールで再現! イラストの密度感が本当に心地よいのでぜひ手に取って眺めてください。
創動 仮面ライダービルド BUILD2








バンダイ キャンディ公式サイト



仮面ライダービルド | 東映[テレビ]



食玩「創動 仮面ライダービルドBUILD2」にロケットパンダフォームやニンニンコミックフォームが登場!【バンダイキャンディスタッフBLOG】

食玩「創動 仮面ライダービルドBUILD2」に謎の敵・ナイトローグが早くも登場!【バンダイキャンディスタッフBLOG】

食玩「創動 仮面ライダービルドBUILD3」に謎の敵・ブラッドスタークが早くも登場!【バンダイキャンディスタッフBLOG】


[BANANA FISH]吉田秋生の名作マンガがアニメ化 ノイタミナで18年スタート

アニメ化される「BANANA FISH」のビジュアル(C)吉田秋生・小学館/Project BANANA FISH

 吉田秋生さんの人気マンガ「BANANA FISH(バナナフィッシュ)」がアニメ化されることが23日、明らかになった。アニメ化は吉田さんのデビュー40周年を記念したプロジェクトの一環で、フジテレビの深夜アニメ枠「ノイタミナ」で2018年に放送される。同作は1980~90年代にヒットしたが、アニメ化されるのは初めて。

 アニメは「Free!」などの内海紘子さんが監督を務め、「ユーリ!!! on ICE」「この世界の片隅で」などのMAPPAが制作する。「亜人」「いぬやしき」などの瀬古浩司さんがシリーズ構成、「同級生」などの林明美さんがキャラクターデザインを担当する。

 「BANANA FISH」は「別冊少女コミック」(小学館)で80~90年代に連載された人気マンガ。不良少年のボスのアッシュ・リンクス、カメラマン助手の奥村英二が、謎の幻覚剤・バナナ・フィッシュをめぐるマフィアなどの陰謀に巻き込まれていく……というストーリー。小学館文庫からコミックス全11巻と外伝1巻が発売されている。



「BANANA FISH」2018年にTVアニメ化!監督は「Free!」の内海紘子

アニメ「BANANA FISH」ティザービジュアル (c)吉田秋生・小学館/Project BANANA FISH

吉田秋生「BANANA FISH」のテレビアニメ化が決定。2018年にフジテレビ「ノイタミナ」枠にて放送される。

「BANANA FISH」は1985年から1994年まで、別冊少女コミック(小学館)にて連載された作品。1985年のニューヨークを舞台に、ストリートキッズのボス・アッシュと、日本人の少年・英二が、非合法薬物“バナナフィッシュ”の謎を追いかける物語だ。小学館文庫からは全11巻の単行本と、外伝1巻が発売されている。

このたびのアニメ化は、吉田の40周年記念プロジェクトの一環として展開。去る10月16日には、吉田の公式サイト・YOSHIDA AKIMI’S DIARYと、東京・西武池袋駅の地下改札外連絡通路のモニターにて、本日10月23日に“重大発表”が行われることが告知されていた。

「BANANA FISH」の監督は、アニメ「Free!」で知られる内海紘子が担当。内海がテレビアニメの監督を務めるのは、2014年に放送された「Free!」シリーズの第2期「Free!-Eternal Summer-」以来となる。またシリーズ構成は「いぬやしき」の瀬古浩司、キャラクターデザインは「同級生」の林明美、アニメーション制作は「ユーリ!!! on ICE」のMAPPAが担当する。吉田が描いた世界観がどのようにアニメ化されていくのか、ファンは楽しみにしておこう。

なお本日の情報解禁にあわせ、アニメの公式サイトとTwitterアカウントが開設。今後も最新情報が随時更新されていく。また吉田の40周年を記念した書籍「漫画家本special 吉田秋生本」は、12月25日のクリスマスに発売される。



原作:吉田秋生「BANANA FISH」(小学館 フラワーコミックス刊)

(c)吉田秋生・小学館/Project BANANA FISH



[MFゴースト]「頭文字D」作者の新作にハチロク登場 今度は赤い